What is Ortho-Bionomy® and Why it may be for you?

By Sarah Robson, RMT ROBP


Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, principle-based body therapy that is highly effective for body pain and dysfunction.  The Practitioner works with the Client during the session to activate the body’s self-balancing reflexes.  The gentle movements and positioning combined with subtle pressures result in relaxation and a loosening of the tight muscles around the restricted areas.  Having been activated, the body’s self-corrective reflexes naturally bring the structure and energy back into alignment.  Unhealthy tension patterns often resolve, while circulation, flexibility, and range of motion increase. With this often comes a decrease in the original symptoms.

The body can become out of balance from injury/trauma, repetitive strain issues, chronic tightness, and/or chronic posture imbalances.  When the body is out of balance for a period of time, it will try to adapt as best as it can on its own.  Sometimes it is able to self correct, other times it may create new patterns that can cause even greater stress on the system and over time cause more pain or more wide spread discomfort.  During the Ortho-Bionomy session, the practitioner and client are working together to re-educate these dysfunctional patterns and restore normal functioning.

Body pain and dysfunction is often not contained to a small area of the body.  Ortho-Bionomy is a holistic form of bodywork meaning it works with the whole.   Patients who have not achieved lasting results with other types of therapy often find success with Ortho-Bionomy.   The body is complicated and interconnected.  It has many layers of tissue all working together to help us function day to day.  By looking at the whole person, the Ortho-Bionomy session is able to create a more profound and long-lasting change.


What is an Ortho-Bionomy session like?

A session typically lasts one hour.  The client is in loose-fitting clothes to allow for a full range of motion.  The practitioner acknowledges the person’s areas of discomfort and has the client give feedback during the release process to make sure that the work is comfortable.  Gentle movements, comfortable positioning, brief compressions or tractions, and subtle contractions are used.  No forceful movements or pressures are used.  There are often self-care exercises given to the client to do at home to integrate the work and educate the person on how they can help themselves in future.

Every session is unique to how the client is feeling each time.  The practitioner often relies on the client’s verbal feedback to fine-tune the movements that best facilitate their body’s return to natural alignment.  The involvement of the client in responding to questions about comfort and preference of position during the session is vital to re-connecting the client with areas in their body that may be disconnected.   This is one of the reasons the relief of stress and tension tends to be long lasting.


Conditions that may be addressed:

Ortho-Bionomy is gentle enough to use on newborns and the elderly.  It is effective for pain relief for both acute and chronic states.  Some of the many complaints that Ortho-Bionomy has addressed successfully include:

Neck and Back Pain                                 Scoliosis (early stages)
TMJ Discomfort                                        Shoulder issues.            

Sciatica                                                  Hip Pain

Knee Injuries                                           Ankle sprains/strains

Plantar fasciitis                                        Foot and toe pain

Shock and Trauma Resolution                   Rib Problems
Headaches                                               Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Whiplash                                                 Circulation issues

Limited flexibility                                     Stress

Chronic pain

Issues in the Digestive System – acid reflux/constipation/digestive pain


Whether you are looking for relief from a specific discomfort or a safe and effective way to ease stress and promote relaxation, Ortho-Bionomy is an excellent way for you to achieve what you are looking for.



I used these sources for phrasing and wording of this blog